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The Grand Central Verifier (GCV) is a tool for verifying asynchronous programs written with Grand Central Dispatch/libdispatch. GCV is currently being implemented and will be published soon.

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Detailed information about the Model Checker for Systems of Communicating fifo Machines can be found here.

In a nutshell: this tool implements CEGAR based safety verification with the help of path-invariant based abstration refinement for communicating fifo systems.

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Bench! a simple benchmarking framework that frontends the recurring task of relaunching a series of benchmarks with a set of Python scripts and a prototypical cgi-interface. A more detailed presentation can be found here.

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Small script that takes the output of SMV/ NuSMV and transfers it to the dot-format. Usefull if you just want to see a (counterexample) trace generated by these model checkers without using some of the existing GUIs.